Ecto 1 Car Hire

Ecto-1 GB is the lifelong ambition of Austyn; a fan of Ghostbusters since he first saw it as a young lad. The car is based on a 1963 Cadillac ambulance/hearse and has many original parts as seen in the first film. Some of the other, more rare parts have been fabricated by himself and his cousin Mark, who has since become know as “Makin’ Mark”.

The car is packed full of cool features; lights, sounds, in fact everything to make it stand out in New York traffic! This grand feet has been achieved by Austyn’s buddy and resident electronics expert Mark (different one!) – known as Sparky Mark. He came on board from the beginning, taking control of what needs to be wired where and when, ensuring no protection grids accidentally get shut off!

Check through the history of the car and it’s incarnation to the ‘fixer upper’ we all know and love!-

Austyn was also lucky enough to be invited by Ghost Corps to be an extra in the latest Ghostbusters film – Frozen Empire. He can be clearly seen towards the end of the film, right beside the firehouse high-5ing Paul Rudd! This makes him the only Ecto owner in the world to be in an actual Ghostbusters film! With loads of stories to tell from his 3 days filming with all of the cast and crew, this will definitely add to your experience when you hire the car!

“Let’s run some red lights!!”